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      SONY Group Q3 FY2005 Earnings
      Announcement, 26 January 2006

   • AIBO is dead - long live AIBO
   • Thank you SONY, for trying!
   • Long live AIBO ...
      Support and Service Update


 AIBO Hacking, Development, and Updates

Pure ... AIBO hacking and AIBO development sites:
• Official Sony ERA AIBO downloads site (US).
• AiboPet's AiboHack site. Must visit site!
• DogsBody & Ratchet, and DogsLife!
• Aibo Stuff: AIBO tools by iofreak!
• AIBO Development: TEKKOTSU
• AIBO Development: PYRO
• AIBO Development: URBI
• Skitter v.3.4 available ... check it out!
• AIBO 7M3: Service Pack 3 and Custom Manager 3.3 available now!
• AIBO SDE: Notice from Sony JP about new AIBO SDE site. Time is limited!
• AIBO 7M3: Custom Manager 3 and Data Downloads ... check it out!
• AIBO MIND 3: SPOILER --- "Respectable AIBO" --- SPOILER
• AIBO MIND 3: Three synthetic female voices by AiboPet ... check it out!
• AIBO MIND 3: List of voice commands for MIND 3 by AiboPet!
• NEW AIBO 7M3: new brown AIBO 7 with new MIND 3 ... check it out!
• AIBO 7: DiscoAibo for PMS - all 22 dances ... by AiboPet and Gang!
• AIBO MIND 2: Service Pack 3 for MIND 2 aiboware ... check it out!
• Female Voice Patch for the Feature Demonstration from Sony ERA.
• 1st AIBO-Life Personality Contest: download, play, enjoy!
• AIBO MIND 2: Service Pack 2 for MIND 2 aiboware.
• New Personalities for ERS-7 ... Lost in Space, Cartman, Star Trek!
• AIBO MIND 2: Service Pack 1 for MIND 2 aiboware.
• AIBO MIND 2: Custom Audio by AiboPet & Co. ... second release.
• AIBO MIND 2: Custom Audio by AiboPet ... first release.
• AIBO 7M2 (MIND 2) Info and Updates from AiboHack/AiboPet...
• Turn your AIBO into a watchdog by samlu! Based on OPEN-R SDK!
• AIBO ERS-7/W: free checkup by Sony AIBO Service Center.
• Disco Aibo ERS-7 trial version by AiboPet! Thanks ...
• ActionPlayer for ERS-7 (requires LAN) by AiboPet!
• AIBO ERS-7: AIBO MIND Service Pack 2.
• AIBO EYES 210/220 Ware: 1.2 Patch available.
• Free stuff for ERS-7 ... Cylon7, Spanish voice, Touch of Japanese!
• AIBO SDE: AIBO Remote Framework released on 09 June 2004!
• YART and YART_APG for the ERS-7 released on 19 May 2004 ... wow!
• AIBO SDE: R-CODE SDK and Motion Editor released on 17 May 2004!
• AIBO SDE: AIBO ERS-7 software development environment announced!
• Tekkotsu v.2.1 (iron bones) was released. Must see AIBO research site!
• Skitter v2.6 available. Supports AiboMind for the ERS-7!
• AIBO ERS-7 Custom Boot WAVs FAQ.
• Dance Pack for ERS-7... 20 dances from slider!
• Xmas '03 ERS-7 Dance Pack... 20 new dances by AiboPet!
• AIBO ERS-7 Dance Customization Kit. Good stuff!
• Skitter v.2.5 - AIBO performance editor is available!
• AIBO ERS-7: Custom Manager, Custom Data, and Service Pack 1.
• AiboMindPlus and AiboScope7 for AIBO ERS-7!
• ABrowser7 for the AIBO ERS-7. Great tool!
• AIBO 7 dissected... inner workings revealed!
• Skitter (an AIBO performance editor) is available!
• Aibnet 2.0 (a telnet console for AIBO's) available!
• DogsLife v.2.52 is now available. Finally!
• R-CODE Editor by iofreak. Check it out!
• Got YART? by AiboPet. R-CODE has never been easier!
• R-Code Examples Contributed by Fellow Aibowners. Free to use!
• AREO: AIBO Eyes Robots Online. Email from AIBO... give it a try!

    Disco AIBO
    Second Edition

        Sounds cool? Interested?
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Special Chat Regarding URBI: March 2006
We are pleased to announce and invite everybody to participate in the first in a series of themed chats. Other technical and non-technical themes and subjects will follow ... everybody is welcome to join. (click here).

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New for Fall/Winter 2005

New AIBO ERS-7/T (two-tone brown) was announced for late October delivery. The black and white AIBO 7s will be still available.
All come now with improved version of AIBO MIND 3 aiboware,
and updated AIBO Entertainment Player v.2 shown below.

Order AIBO ERS-7M2 and MIND 3 Upgrade from:
AIBO Site at SonyStyle USA, or
RoboToys online (US and international orders),
or Sony AIBO EU if you reside in Europe.

Take AIBO ERS-7 Tour
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01 February 2006
Sony puts robot dog Aibo to sleep
YURI KAGEYAMA, AP Business Writer

30 January 2006
Muttricide and Profits at Sony
Brian Bremner, Business Week Online

27 January 2006
Sony Puts AIBO ... To Sleep
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

26 January 2006
Sony Puts AIBO To Sleep
John Borland, CNET

26 January 2006
QRIO and AIBO: the memories

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